Highlighted academic publications

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Two Understanding Everyday Participation special issues of Cultural Trends have been published. 

The first  special issue sets out early research findings, framing the central propositions of the project. UEP research is concerned with the orientation of cultural policy and state-funded cultural programming, cultural participation, and value.

The second issue focuses on the situated nature and territorial dynamics of participation. It contains six main articles that explore – in different ways and various contexts – how everyday cultural practices and understandings of their value both shape and are influenced by place, space and locality.


The Understanding Everyday Participation team has made a number of additional publications a few of which are featured here.


Katz-Gerro, Tally, Predrag Cvetičanin, and Adrian Leguina. (2017) “Consumption and Social Change: Sustainable Lifestyles in Times of Economic Crisis.” Halina Brown, Maurie Cohen, and Philip Vergragt (eds.) Social Change and the Coming of Post-consumer Society: Theoretical Advances and Policy Implications. London: Routledge. ISBN: 9781138642058


Leguina, A., Widdop, P. and Tampubolon, G. (2016). “The Global Omnivore: Identifying Musical Taste Groups in Austria, England, Israel and Serbia.” Sociological Research Online 21(3), 15. DOI: 10.5153/sro.4020


Friedman, S., Savage, M., Hanquinet, L. & Miles, A. (2015). “Cultural sociology and new forms of distinction.” Poetics. 53, p. 1-8 7 p.DOI: 10.1016/j.poetic.2015.10.002

Oman, S. (2015). ‘‘Measuring National Well-being: What Matters to You?’ What Matters to Whom?“, Cultures of Wellbeing Method, Place, Policy (ed.) Sarah C. White. Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 978-1-137-53645-7


Ebrey, J. (2014). “Half Holiday Excursions and Rambling Clubs. How Did Leisure Shape the Mobilities of the early 20c.” Moraglia, M. Kopper, C. (Ed.), The Organization of Transport: A History of Users, Industry, and Public Policy. (pp. 32-49). ISBN: 9781315813141

Gilmore, A (2014). Raising our quality of life: The importance of investment in arts and culture. The Centre for Labour and Social Studies, London.