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Studies in Cultural Participation Book Series – call for proposals


Pivot Books- between 40,000 and 50,000 (maximum) words in length
To commence publication in 2021; receiving proposals now.
This book series will provide a platform for contributions to the newly defined field of ‘cultural participation studies’ (Miles and Gibson, forthcoming 2021). The series brings together research on traditional cultural tastes and practices with research on
informal ‘everyday’ activities. In doing so it broadens our understanding of cultural participation, focusing on participation as a pluralistic and interconnected practice, exploring the links between the cultural, civic and social dimensions of participation, and
reconsidering its emergence in time and space by political economy, material resource and cultural governance. This book series has been designed purposively to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary examination of cultural participation.
Participation in cultural activities is a research subject within a number of disciplines and fields, ranging from sociology to cultural studies, history, and geography, incorporating heritage, museum, media, theatre, tourism, leisure and cultural policy, business and
management studies. This series will bring together debates across these disciplines and fields of study to consider the subject of cultural participation in all its dimensions.
In addition the series is intended to make a significant contribution to more applied considerations of contemporary cultural participation and specifically to considerations of policy and practice. As such we aim for the series to be relevant and attractive
to policy makers and practitioners.
Short books can be focused essays engaging deeply with a particular issue, subject or theoretical discussion; short books can also provide a wider overview of their subject. Both approaches to studies in cultural participation have a place in this book series.

Please contact the series editors with a short expression of interest in the first instance:
Prof. Lisanne Gibson, University of Leicester, and Prof. Andrew Miles, University of Manchester,

Details here  Cultural Participation Books Series flyer

Call for proposals

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